Eesa Stefuny is in Process, a constant state of embracing whatever the Divine sees fit for this part of the journey. That last statement is sufficient, though the very nature of a bio calls for more.

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she moved to the States at six. Her mother said, “you are black, you are a woman and you are an immigrant; you have to work hard.” Fueled by those words she focused on education as if it were the only way out.

However, what she did not do was fall hopefully in love with Self. After college and graduate school, she fumbled through her twenties trying to fill voids and chase dreams that were not her own.

In 2020, amid the Coronavirus, societal unrest, and uncertainty; she faced bankruptcy, divorce, and the darkest depression. But Eesa knew and understood that all of this is a part of the process.

Here she is back in the Hudson Valley; working as a Realtor, making real estate accessible through her business Lanford Brown Properties and blogging when time allows. Follow the journey of this millennial hippie!