I woke up one Saturday morning back home in Poughkeepsie, NY. My mom said, you have to ride the bus with Ray before you go back to the city. I thought, ride the bus to where and for what? See Ray has autism, though he is high functioning, he can become really fixated on certain things i.e riding the bus. It dawned on me, how great it is to be so appreciative of the simplest things in life. His eyes light up as he examines the bus driver and her technique. He anticipates all the stops and figures the time spent on each drop off. He smiles as he sees places so familiar but different from the view of this bus. So I start to look around. There’s a woman talking about Sons of Anarchy with the bus driver. Two men talking about how the Patriots will go all the way this year. Good morning, she says! She’s so happy I thought. I often dread my commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan for work each day. But these people no matter where they were going were happy to be on the bus! They were a family, talking about George, where was he today? And I can’t believe Jimmy took the day off. I’m so glad I did this. It was arguably one of the best experiences of my life. The laughter was infectious. My brothers and sisters I urge you to have an “attitude of gratitude”, not just during the Holidays but every day. This bus ride reminded me of that and I’m grateful to my baby brother for teaching me this lesson.

–A Woman in Process

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