Losing Weight with No Thyroid, Part 1

When I got sick a few years back, all I wanted to do was get better, whatever that meant. It took months on months to diagnosis. I went from being invincible or so I thought, to not leaving my bed for days. I was a shell of my former self. The most painful part was looking into my mother’s eyes and seeing a woman searching for her daughter. It’s crazy that years later, I still get emotional thinking about those moments.

Needless to say when I was finally diagnosed with Graves Disease, I was relieved, scared but relieved that they could start to treat me. Relieved that there was an explanation for my hair falling out, for my fatigue, my shakes, and my depression. I had an answer, finally. But now what? The hope was to treat my thyroid with medications but that didn’t work. The last option, though I must say my family and I weren’t as thorough as we should have been, was surgery; a full thyroidactamy. I was so eager to be better that I didn’t do my research. I guess long story short, here I am almost three years later with no thyroid, no parathyroid (those are accidentally removed in 50 % of surgeries) and frustrated.

Though I am grateful to be “better”, I struggle with things as small as the common cold, which seems to wreak havoc on my body, Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency, deep mood swings and bouts of depression. Last but certainly not least excessive weight gain. I don’t want to blame it all on my thyroid or lack there of. I’ve struggled with weight growing up. So regardless, I’m sure it would have been a life long fight. However with no thyroid it is more difficult to lose weight.

I see my endocrinologist every three months. After this last visit my levels were good which meant no adjustment in medications. But I gained weight; I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been. I started to feel bad for myself.  But then I decided to stop using my thyroid disease as an excuse. Yes, some days I wake up feeling like complete crap and yes I have to work twice as hard to lose a pound. The fact remains, I’m here and I’m able. Please join me in my lifestyle change. I’ll be posting periodical updates about my progress. My hope is that many of you that struggle with this disease can come on this journey with me or offer advice. I’ve tried to make this change before and I’ve failed. I’ve seen no progress and given up. I truly believe it’s not how many times you fall but rather how many times you are wiling to get up. Let’s grow together!

–A Woman in Process

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