Is That My Ex?

I saw an ex the other day. I didn’t know what to say or how to react. He wanted me to stop and talk for a while but I did the “it was good to see you, but I gotta go” yea I ran, not sure why. He represents a part of my life that I don’t want to revisit. It’s almost like he was the manifestation of the girl I was. And the woman I’ve become/becoming didn’t want to see that scared, lonely, insecure, or confused girl. So I ran from her. Who I was is just as important as who I am now though. I should have embraced my past. Reminiscing in those moments of anguish and self-loathing only helps me appreciate my progress and growth. I’ve made several mistakes, especially as it relates to men. Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge who you are or who you were. Don’t be ashamed of anything. Nobody is perfect. And everything is fixable. I say that tongue and cheek because obviously some things are not. But the point I’m making is, don’t get caught up in making mistakes: live your life and know that the bad points only prepare you. Let’s grow together!

–A Woman in Process

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