You Can’t Sit With Us?


Now that I’m on this journey of self-discovery, I’m quick to act like I’m the only one in the room that is self-aware. Or everyone is out to get me or nobody wants to see me win. There is some truth in that statement because more so than any other point of my life, I feel that people are just mean. The basic human compassion is fading. I can empathize with you having your guard up. But regardless we can’t label everyone as “haters” or “not on your level” or whatever else the cool kids are saying. My favorite one is that “God is on my side.” The fact remains God protects them too. This is not about religion. My point is that, you are no better! And if you have to put others down to build yourself up, examine your foundation. We all go through things that determine our current position in life. Your title, money or whatever else are just trappings that boost your ego. Yes I believe we should be proud of the things we accomplish. But I don’t think it is necessary for us to develop this power based on object referral. “Power based on object-referral…is false power…it only lasts as long as the object of reference is there.”

-A Woman in Process

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