Losing Weight With No Thyroid, Part 4

I hope this isn’t premature. My official weigh in and measurements are not until 1/8/15. But my energy level has increased and overall I do feel better. As you know, I’ve been trying a few different things.

Fruits and Veggies!

I’m at the point where my taste buds are being retrained. I crave apples and grapefruits. My favorite snack is sliced cucumbers with olive oil, crushed red pepper and salt. Don’t get me wrong with the holidays I’ve had a few too many cheat meals. But what I’ve noticed is that consistency is what matters. I’m okay with having a cheat meal at dinner when I know I’ve made good decisions throughout the day. To that end, starting the day off right helps to curb the urge for the bad stuff anyway.

Water, Water, H2O!

I’ve always been a fan of this compound. But lately I’ve more than tripled my intake. I drink about a gallon a day. And no, I don’t walk around with a gallon like those cute guys at the gym. But what I do is, I keep a blender bottle (20 oz) full of water around me at all times. And before I know it, I’m 5-10 bottles in.

My Juices!

I stole my brothers Jack LaLanne Power Juicer recently. I don’t condone crime but I’m Malcolm X about my weight loss, by any means necessary. I’m not claiming to be a pro juicer at this point but I do enjoy it. It makes this process fun. So far I’ve only juiced carrots, apples and a little ginger. You can get juice recipes all over the web, don’t feel pigeon holed. You can juice almost anything. I also have a Ninja Blender. I use the blender when I’m short on time. I typically do spinach, water and apples/berries. But again the choice is yours, have fun! I do about a juice a day.

Coconut Oil?!

I have to do some more research on this but I’ve given coconut oil a chance.  I cook with it and lately I started to drink about 2 tablespoons of it daily. I’ve missed the last few days. But I’m going to continue to see if it has any effect. The articles that I have read so far say it’s a possible solution for those struggling with thyroid disease. It supposedly helps with energy level and metabolism.

Working Out!

I’ve become more consistent with my workouts, striving for 5-6 times a week. On my cardio days I do 30-45 minutes on the elliptical. For those of you who know me in my personal life you know that I have access to fitness facilities because of what I do professionally. But ironically enough my other workouts are done at home with little to no equipment. I use YouTube! Fitness Blender has a great series that feature 45 minute routines. Some of them are high intensity, I would not recommend unless you have some basic knowledge or familiarity.


“If you’ve been there in mind you can go there in body” I’m starting to really buy in to my hopes and dreams. I visualize myself on stages in front of crowds or operating my own businesses. Because of this I’ve had the same attitude towards my weight loss. This is a roller coaster ride and I’m sure there will be another post or 10 where I’m frustrated and upset. But today I’m happy and motivated. Until next time…

-A Woman in Process


4 thoughts on “Losing Weight With No Thyroid, Part 4

  1. I am also sans-thyroid! I feel your pain with the weight loss efforts but you have a great list going here! Love the water intake and juicing. I find keeping a food diary or using an app like My Fitness Pal really helped me stay accountable when I was restricting calories!

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      1. It really seems like you’ve got all your bases covered, the only other things I can think of are 1. Sneaking more exercise into your work day, walking around more or doing some calf-raises haha, things like that. 2. Is finding a workout/weight loss buddy who you touch base with each week and talk about how well your goals for that week went, you can meet face to face or email, follows the accountability trend!

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