Subway Chronicles, Part 1


First let me apologize for going ghost this past week. It was a busy one for me but rest assured, I’m back in full effect. With meetings and trainings for work, I had some extra commuting. I typically don’t commute during rush hour.  This week I hit the jack pot,  I was all over rush hour. Let me just tell you, it takes an immense amount of self-control and perspective to do that on a daily. So kudos to those who do.

I’m standing next to the edge past the yellow warning line, yea I’m a rebel. I peep over to see if the train is approaching, I guess the lady beside me had the same idea because every time I move, she moves. The train is coming, I position myself in the perfect spot, I’m thinking that when the train doors open, I’ll be right there. This man, older, corporate type, trench coat and brief case,  cuts in front of me. So now he and I are vying for position. I’m a former basketball player, so I give my best Dennis Rodman and box him out. But he gets in before me, and I barely get in at all. I’m working hard with this weight loss thing but I’m still a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), I need room. I’m sandwiched between the door and two other people. I can’t move and the door keeps doing the open and close thing. My commuters know what I mean.

The train is crowded, packed to the brim. Somebody didn’t use deodorant and secretly I’m wondering if it’s me. I rushed out this morning and deodorant wasn’t necessarily on the  priority list. Now I’m holding on to the railing above me, two bags in the opposite hand. Don’t know why I feel the need to travel like I’m never coming home again. My arm hurts and I’m wishing I didn’t do bicep curls the night before. I finally get to my stop. I gather myself and try to make my way off the train. But these eager folks try to get on while I’m getting off, both of these things can’t happen at the same time. I have to admit, I lost my temper and forced my way through. I came home that day and went on a whole spiel about how I hate the subway, the people and even the letters and numbers they represent.

Flash forward to the next day. I’m in the thick of it again. I’m in a better mood because this is the last day I’ll have to do this, for a while at least. I’m all confident, my back against the door because I’m too cool to hang on to anything. I’m riding the R train and all of sudden it jerks. Oh I failed to mention, I had my morning smoothie in my hand, and it spills all over me. I’ve been in NYC for about two years, I shouldn’t be having these embarrassing subway moments anymore but I guess clumsiness never dies.

-A Woman in Process

3 thoughts on “Subway Chronicles, Part 1

  1. This is so true! As a New Yorker I can totally relate with you. I never understand why people try to get on before people get off. Just wanted to tell you that I love you blog and I enjoy reading your post!


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