Losing Weight With No Thyroid, Part 5

As I stuffed my face with wings and mac for the Super Bowl, I thought about how important it is to be realistic with “diets.” For me this is not about a diet, I don’t plan on hitting my goal in July and then moving on. For me this is a complete life style change. I’m never getting my thyroid back and as such I must do whatever it takes to live a full and healthy life. I read an article recently that a friend posted on Facebook. It discussed how “eating clean” has become an eating disorder within itself. Some have become so obsessed that they fail to realize that balance is necessary. Balance was very important to me in month one. I went from being almost completely inactive to working out consecutively throughout the week. I used to be careless with my food intake to now thinking about everything that I consume. That being said it was important for me to have cheat days. My success depended on my ability to veer of the road for a meal or two. If not, I would have had binge days!

Here I am, a month into my journey. As a reminder, my goal is to lose 36 months by July 11. I have lost 12 pounds to date and 2 inches in the major areas (bust, hips and waist). I accomplished this by doing all of the things discussed in my previous post. https://venesasamuda.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/losing-weight-with-no-thyroid-part-4/

I hope to be a case study for thyroid survivors. It is possible, it just requires a lot of hard work.

For month two I will be experimenting with the following things:


I’ve always taken calcium and calcitriol (a prescription vitamin d). They were prescribed to me after surgery because my body struggled to absorb calcium. But I haven’t been taking them as I should. As of a couple days ago, according to my doctor, I don’t need them anymore or at least he wants to see what 4 weeks without them look like.

I started to take Omega -3 (Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega) a few days ago. I’ve been struggling with my moods and overall attitude. I started to research natural ways to combat depression. Omega-3 coupled with other coping methods such as exercise be can be a natural cure in minor cases of depression.

I think a multivitamin is just a good idea. I used to be really committed to taking a woman’s daily but I fell off a bit. I purchased Garden of Life: Kind Organics daily multivitamin for women. If you purchase the best brands they are going to have higher price points but it’s worth it. My body is currently the most important thing to me. I can’t be of any help to anyone unless I’m committed to me. The money that I used to spend on lunch from the burger spot next to work is just being reinvested!

Gluten Free?

“When you look at the literature and you really read about the mechanisms of hypothyroidism, more than 90% are really autoimmune Hashimoto’s. There was just so much information and literature about Hashimoto’s and things associated with Celiac and gluten-intolerances and there’s so many nutritional things we can do with autoimmunity…there’s just no question that many people that have Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism have gluten-sensitivity.” ( Link Below)

Gluten: Why hypothyroidism patients often fail to get better

Gluten doesn’t affect me or at least I don’t think  it does in the way it would those suffering from hypothyroidism. I’m hypo but just not in the same way. I don’t have my thyroid. However, I find that going gluten free helps me to make better food choices. I don’t have time to debate  about what has gluten in it or spend tons of money on gluten free products. This forces me to continue to eat from the earth which is optimal anyway.

Processed Food & Dairy

In my first month I dabbled a bit too much with the processed foods. I would say that I had a few bad days a week. This month I want completely eliminate them. No chips, candy, none of the bad stuff! I’m not big on dairy anyway but I want to limit my intake here too. Just as with gluten, this helps me to make healthier decisions. For example I love cheese but the foods that I can put cheese on, I probably shouldn’t even be eating.

I’m very excited to continue this journey. Onward and upward!

A Woman in Process


2 thoughts on “Losing Weight With No Thyroid, Part 5

  1. Have you gone gluten free before? I’ve been trying for some time now and it’s not that bad once your in the groove.. Good luck.. I can’t wait to hear in a few weeks your status.


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