When It Rains, It Pours


I fell to my knees yesterday, overwhelmed by life and what it requires of me. A coworker said “you are being tested” I thought why now, can I be tested later?

It seems that everything that could go wrong in last six months has, from family to personal battles. You reach the point where the walls are closing in and you fight or flight. The choice is always yours. As I discussed a few posts ago, we have no control over what happens, all we can control is our attitude to what is happening.

I think what my coworker meant is that, life gives you these trails and as such you are given the opportunity to fight back. And during this “test” you come out stronger and more capable to handle life’s struggles.

Writing has always been a part of my therapy.  A friend once told me that she appreciates how transparent I am. I admitted to her that selfishly this blog was a way of keeping me accountable. It forces me to deal with my issues and live my journey, not just merely exist.

Though I’ll cry for the lost that my family suffered; I’ll also do the things that allow me the most resolve. I am broken but I’m still here and therefore capable.

A Woman in Process



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