Just Keep Swimming


I’ve spoken a lot about my workouts and the benefits of exercise. It has been my best friend throughout this process. I may struggle with my eating habits. But I’m very committed to my fitness. I work out five days a week. It’s not always consecutive, my days off during the week are dependent on life and circumstances. That is to say that my plan is to exercise Monday-Friday. But sometimes my work schedule changes or I have to do a favor for a friend or whatever.

Let me take moment to discuss that point. Many times we start something and get fed up when life happens. We allow distractions or roadblocks to define our entire journey. I think this is a foundational issue. Take the necessary time to build structure and develop the habit. How foundationally sound are you if every time something happens, you allow it to get to you? It’s your resilience that will show you how committed you really are.

I grew up playing basketball. I often joke that it was my first love. Highly competitive games were always a true test of resilience. We would practice the entire week for the upcoming game, watch video, read play books and memorize scouting reports. No matter how much we prepared for the game, it never went  exactly as planned. Though we would have our moments of doubt. We stood tough because the foundation was set. We knew that regardless of the opponent, we were confident that we could always play our game. That confidence came from preseason practices and a commitment to constant development.

Set your goals and lay your foundation. When life happens, take your moment to regroup and just keep swimming. You may have a long way to go but don’t discredit how far you’ve come.

A Woman in Process

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