No Ring, New Me



I’m rushing out the door, frantic to catch the train, as usual. I look at my hand and my ring is missing. I wanted to tear the entire house a part. But my roommate and best friend reminded me that being on time for work was probably a little more important. It’s debatable but I digress.

The ankh symbol was prominently placed on that ring. I felt fueled every time my eye would catch glance. It was a constant reminder that I am here and therefore able. The ankh is sometimes referred to as the breath of life or just simply life. For me it was that breath.

I found it by chance last summer walking through Harlem. It was about a month after I decided to “loc” my hair. I’ve spoken to you all about how empowering my hair has been, finding that ring was serendipitous. It was a reflection of my new life.

Now it’s gone but I think that it’s another representation of where I am in my life. I am more motivated to be happy and healthy. I had a few difficult months but I’m still here. I no longer need that ring to remind me I’m alive. But if you find it, you know where to find me!

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