Role Playing

They say that people are in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime. I’ve come to learn how true that is. Last Easter dinner my friends and I had this profound conversation about about “friends” and the purpose they serve. Now just a year removed from that conversation; I think about the people that are no longer in my life, the people that used to be my complete focus but more importantly, the people that are still here.

I think that every person that comes into your life serves a purpose. But they key is to make sure they are playing the right role. Growing up playing basketball, I always understood the importance of playing your role. I was a 5’4 scrappy player. I was on a team with girls that were amazing, many of them went Division 1. I was not a star on that team, even if I had the talent to be one, that was not my purpose. My purpose was go out there play defense and get rebounds, that’s what I did.

You can’t expect a coworker to treat you like a best friend or a one night stand to be your husband. My point is that not everyone is the star and as such shouldn’t be playing that position. I was disappointed by something a guy friend of mine did last night. My anger turned to humor as a I realized the reason we are in each others lives.

I can’t expect anything more from him, that is not where we are in our friendship. That’s not to say that one day we won’t get there. Friend is a term that we use so freely but most of us can count true friends on one hand. The other hand is equally as important though because those people may play just as vital a role, it’s just that their position is different.

A Woman in Process

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