Don’t Wait for Bad to Appreciate Good


Last night, I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You can judge me if you want but I genuinely enjoy the show, it’s pure genius. ( I don’t care what Kate Couric says)

In the most recent episode, the family is on a ski vacation in Montana. It was a great trip, the usual drama but all in all, a good time. As they make their way down the mountain to head back to sunny skies; I think it was Kim, Kylie and Khloe was driving. It’s rough terrain and poor weather. They slide on black ice and lose control of the vehicle. The fact that this was captured so vividly is another testament to my aforementioned claim of how amazing this show is but I digress.

The moment was incredibly scary. There’s a link below. You can fast forward to the last 30 seconds or so but watching the entire video gives a bit of perspective.

After the accident, the camera pans to the car in a ditch, Kim crying and police lights. It was a dramatic scene. After the incident, Kim mentioned how grateful she was for her life, they all were. They stressed the importance of being appreciative.

As I watched this I can’t help but think, how much like them, we often don’t take the time to truly appreciate our life, our loved ones, even our health, until something bad happens or we no longer can.

Please don’t think I’m pointing the finger because I am an offender too. Just last week, I went on a what my boyfriend would call a tamper tantrum about my life and how unfair this health thing is.

Yes, losing sight for those moments was incredibly scary but I got it back! I’m chronically ill but I am able. I’m ashamed to say that I lost sight of that, no pun intended. Just like them, it took something traumatic to truly appreciate.

We need to be consistently thankful, no matter circumstance. I know this won’t prevent the bad from happening. But what it will do, is provide remarkable perspective.

Say one thing to yourself that you are thankful for after reading this post.

A Woman in Process

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