“You have to love your face”

My train approached as I was recording the above video. I wanted to talk to you all about how I’m been lately; confused, anxious and eager for the next stage of my life. I haven’t been writing the way I used to. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say. In fact, I think it’s because I have too much. I don’t know where to start.

When I walked into the train, I replayed the video a few times. I thought about self-love. You have to love you, all of you, 100% of the time. The world is cold, harsh even. I think we have to be advocates of self before we can be anything to anybody. I’m promoting a poem of mine entitled “No Social Agenda” ( see clip below ).

I discuss my character’s inability to march with millions or raise awareness because she wants to first battle her demons. She feels unable to take on the world, not yet anyway. “I would speak for true beauty but I just became attracted to me”, she screams.

I’m that girl, I think so many of us are. I’m working on me. The fact that I felt compelled and comfortable to speak to you in a video no make up and hair a mess is a testament to my progress. But I still beat myself up. I downplayed how I looked and complained about my acne. In just a 60 second clip, I attacked myself so many times.

I’m going to do a better job of complimenting myself consistently. I love me tons more than I did just last year. But it’s a lifelong relationship with self, be good to you.

Write down 10 things that you love about you. Go on, I’m waiting…

A Woman in Process

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