I’m Back…Again

I was thinking about what to write for this first post in more than two years and I was Frozen. I did not have the words to explain that life had somehow thrown me for more loops. And truly, I did not want to have to confess that I had made more mistakes. But I decided to Let It Go!

let it go

Life may just be a ride. I have surrendered, I am enjoying the trip. Let me explain.

In Act Two, Scene Two Hamlet says, “There is nothing good or bad, thinking makes it so.” Many have said that Hamlet is wishing for blissful ignorance. I haven’t read the play since high school; the scholars may be right. However, for me, that quote is about perspective, context and acceptance.

I’m without everything I had a year ago. I don’t have the career I once did. I don’t have the husband and a life that was my forever. There are friends that I miss beyond reason, but I know that this chapter we must journey alone.

2020 has shown me (hopefully you too!) that we have to accept what it is. We have to see things for what they are. And dare I say we must smile through it all. I take that back we must smile and cry through it all. Just do what the moment calls for.

Usually, I would update you on my life fully. And I have but it’s in the bio on my Home Page. I need clicks and page visits, so if you want all the salacious details, feel free!

Your Sister in Love and Light!

-Eesa Stefuny

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