What I’ve Learned About LOVE…so far

With Valentine’s Day just a week behind us and my one-year anniversary approaching, I’ve got love on the brain (Rihanna Voice). For me love was always this movie like thing, butterflies in the stomach, take my breath away feeling. And it was also my healer. The dopamine rush that came from a romantic relationship isContinue reading “What I’ve Learned About LOVE…so far”

What’s Eating You?

Things are good these days. Though not perfect, I live everyday thankful for my blessings. I started this year with no job, no real plan but I was hopeful and that hope has seen me through. I’ve now successfully managed three big fundraising events, which is great for the ego. But what I’m most thankfulContinue reading “What’s Eating You?”

Remember that time in Italy…

   Last night a friend started sending my roommate and I pictures from our trip to Italy. It was completely unexpected and some how exactly what I needed in the moment. It was great to look back at a time in our lives that we shared, memories that only the three of us would have.Continue reading “Remember that time in Italy…”

She is

As I was walking to the gym this morning, I noticed all the parents hand in hand with their children. It’s the first day of school. It made me smile as I saw parents snapping pics and kids shying away from picture number 10, as if to say mom that’s enough! I really thought aboutContinue reading “She is”

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  I’ve been discussing my most recent decisions with family, friends and colleagues. Being the caring, loving and most certainly opinionated people that they are; I’ve heard things that are warranted and things that I could have gone without hearing. Just in case you haven’t read my most recent post, I’ll update you a bit.Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”


Image Credit: http://www.wpclipart.com/signs_symbol/words/punctuation/question_mark_drawn.png.html When we got back together a couple months ago we promised each other that this time would be different. We don’t really have a choice, neither of us have the energy for another go round. As you know, before he came back I was committed to taking the time to work onContinue reading “Love?”

If you love it, let it go; If it comes back then you know

Image Credit : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/455356212296700229/ It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve been keeping something from you. After my nightmare of a date last month, I made commitment to myself and focusing on me. But like I mentioned in that post, life has a way of making absolutes tricky. My ex, someone who I’ve beenContinue reading “If you love it, let it go; If it comes back then you know”

Am I Undateable?

Image Credit: http://www.pd4pic.com I’m on a cleanse of sorts. Up until recently, I was so in love with love that I would go from relationship to relationship searching for someone to fill that void. It’s those damn romantic comedies, Cameron Diaz always gets the perfect guy. So here I am, searching for my Matthew McConaughey.Continue reading “Am I Undateable?”

Role Playing

They say that people are in our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime. I’ve come to learn how true that is. Last Easter dinner my friends and I had this profound conversation about about “friends” and the purpose they serve. Now just a year removed from that conversation; I think about the peopleContinue reading “Role Playing”

I’m a mess right now, upside down

I’m so sick of being sick. This week has been a trying one for me, from dizzy spells to now a stomach bug. I could tell you where I’m writing this from but that might be TMI. It seems that I can’t catch a break. I was talking to a few friends; We were doingContinue reading “I’m a mess right now, upside down”