Fight or Flight

I pride myself on being an open book, believing that my story will be an inspiration to others. But at times my transparency is met with unwanted questions and unsolicited advice. When I feel my truth will be ridiculed, I run. I enter my zone usually taking a step back from those around me, unlessContinue reading “Fight or Flight”

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  I’ve been discussing my most recent decisions with family, friends and colleagues. Being the caring, loving and most certainly opinionated people that they are; I’ve heard things that are warranted and things that I could have gone without hearing. Just in case you haven’t read my most recent post, I’ll update you a bit.Continue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”

Don’t Wait for Bad to Appreciate Good

Last night, I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You can judge me if you want but I genuinely enjoy the show, it’s pure genius. ( I don’t care what Kate Couric says) In the most recent episode, the family is on a ski vacation in Montana. It was a great trip, the usualContinue reading “Don’t Wait for Bad to Appreciate Good”

Am I Undateable?

Image Credit: I’m on a cleanse of sorts. Up until recently, I was so in love with love that I would go from relationship to relationship searching for someone to fill that void. It’s those damn romantic comedies, Cameron Diaz always gets the perfect guy. So here I am, searching for my Matthew McConaughey.Continue reading “Am I Undateable?”

No Call, No Show

  I just got back to me. As such, I started to write. I’m a spoken word artist but I haven’t truly put pen to pad in years. To commemorate my new found inspiration. Below please find an oldie but goodie. It’s met to be spoken but I hope you can still feel the words.Continue reading “No Call, No Show”

To Him

When you hung up on me a few days ago it signified a complete end to our relationship. Moments after I deleted and blocked your number. Oh and your keys are in a Park Slope garbage can somewhere. I’m not bitter, I’m just done. This is not intended to bash you but because I didn’t haveContinue reading “To Him”

Is That My Ex?

  I saw an ex the other day. I didn’t know what to say or how to react. He wanted me to stop and talk for a while but I did the “it was good to see you, but I gotta go” yea I ran, not sure why. He represents a part of my lifeContinue reading “Is That My Ex?”